Unpacking || {Darcy & Maxwell} 

Grinning slightly, Darcy made her way over to the dark maple dresser, throwing open the top drawer. Pondering the hypothetical combinations that laid before her. Considering the lad was a newer , she was having more trouble picking out an outfit than she normal would have. Her daily attire consisted of revealing clothes, but she didn’t want to seem too outgoing on their first get together. The idea of more… covering clothes narrowed her selections monstrously. Gathering a pair of decent length shorts and a tight fit tee, she slipped out of her sweats from earlier in the day, replacing them with the clothing she assembled. Sighing slightly, she scrutinized her actions with her beloved lighter from earlier in the day. The marks on her arms and legs were a fresh red, proving even more difficult to disguise. Not wanting to give the recently met fellow any ideas, she grabbed her phone from her desk, scrolling through her contacts and stopping on Max. Sending a simple apologetic message, she gave the information that she’ll be late by a little. She didn’t want to send off the impression that she was high maintenance, but at the same time she didn’t want him to feel like she was a slob who didn’t care about her appearance.  Frowning slightly, she applied a ridiculously thick layer of concealer, topping it off with a broad amount of foundation. Throwing her hair up carelessly in a messy-cute bun, she quickly added a light quantity of eyeliner, followed by mascara and lip gloss. Grabbing her purse, she headed out of the door to Maxwell’s, excited to be meeting someone new.